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Our family is the most important thing we have. Which is why we work so hard to keep our family happy and healthy. I want to give people a place to find advice for the entire family. A one-stop shopping, if you will. Families come in all shapes and sizes and we here at MDK hope to reach out and touch the lives of all of them. Parenting advice, relationship advice, recipes, crafts, dating tips, beauty, and fashion, we hope to eventually offer helpful advice for all of these categories, and more. However, it takes time to build a successful site and we ask our loyal readers to please be patient with us.

My vision is to become a support system for families who need advice. Not only parents but our kids too! Do you want ideas on how to get your children to eat healthier? Need a quick recipe idea for dinner tonight? Looking for a fun craft for children of a certain age? Are you a young girl looking for ways to get your crush to notice you? Eventually, I hope to have all of that and more!

So please stick with me! Follow, share, and tell your friends to do the same. Feel free to comment and meet other parents. Let’s become a community, not just another generic parenting blog!

I cannot wait for this to become a reality, and hope to meet many amazing people along the way! Let’s start this journey!

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