Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Fails

Some people take their Christmas spirit one step further and invite mischievous elves into their homes. The Elf On The Shelf watches the family all day and flies back to the North Pole to report their findings to Santa each evening. In the morning, you may be able to catch the elf doing something silly.

Unfortunately,  not every family gets a good elf. Some of them are naughty and others are downright creepy. We’ve collected proof of these crazy elves and cannot help but wonder, “what exactly is going on here?” Check out these hilarious pictures of the best Elf On The Shelf Fails and tell us what you think in the comments below!

Times Elf On The Shelf Went Horribly Wrong!

Garbage Disposal Elf …?

This is a scene from the secret elf training video. This particular photo showcases the dangers of being a Scout elf and explains why you should always be mindful of where you’re sneaking. Sinks are slippery!


Frozen Elf …?

It’s easy to figure out what happened here but I don’t even know where to begin on the oddness of it all. Okay, Elsa froze the elf. Now what? Wouldn’t he die from being frozen in a solid block of ice without air? Also, where are Ana’s pants?


E.L.F B.B.Q …?

I’m confused. Is this an ad for sweet baby rays? Don’t get me wrong, that shit is awesome, but even I have to draw a line somewhere. Side note, there’s something seriously off about the size ratios here.


Artistic Elfpression …?

We have to look at this from a couple of angles. That kid was pissed when he woke up. Everyone got a good laugh, until they realize the “elf” used a permanent marker. Nobody had a good day. The bigger mystery … What is that kid wearing and where the hell can I find one?


Pottyland-Ho …?

What, where do I even begin here? Super cute potty training idea. I have to give credit for that, but are the elves going to watch? I’m just saying, I’m a full-grown woman who might consider peeing in my pants before doing my business in front of two snickering elves! What role did the picture play exactly?


Cynical Elf …?

Whoa … I don’t care who you are, this is creepy! Then you have to leave it there all day. Yikes, I would have avoided this bathroom that day.


Joy-riding Elf …?

That’s not something you see everyday. I think this would have been cute if they hadn’t added the baggies on the hood, which we all knew were Barbies.


Hershey What’s …?

I don’t think those are kisses, but this does answer my question of how they got the perfect points on the top.


Elf Magician …?

Well, in his defense, who hasn’t thought about sawing Woody in half once or twice. Wait .. a .. minute .. is his last name Bobbitt? (It’s a dated joke …)


Elfnapped …?

Honestly, nobody’s really sure what’s going on here. Maybe this is what happens when an elf disobeys Santa? Of course it could also be because Buzz saw the last photo.


Heated Elf …?

I love the look on Elfys face but honestly it’s the fact that the snowman seems to have just given up and accepted his fate that makes this great.


Fed Up …?

Truth time: I find this picture oddly satisfying, but that could be because I had to listen to Let It Go 800 times on repeat.


Toilet Troubles …?

Elfy died in a tragic accident Friday night. When asked why he may have done this, his friends explained that he had told them he was a marshmallow stuck in an Elfs body ….


Naughty or Knife …?

What happens when people don’t plan ahead the night before? This happens … they rush to find clever spots to stick their elf and accidently create a horror movie.


Floored …?

Every time a child says “I don’t believe in Elves anymore” an Elf falls down dead. Psst … comment below if you got this!


Bitter Elf …?

How annoying is it when you want to write something funny but don’t have the right refrigerator magnet letters? Why don’t they come with more vowels?


Midnight Ride …?

This is a risky little game. It’s funny until someone forgets and turns the dryer on. Explain that one to your child!


Elfy Dahmer …?

The only thing that’s missing from this is a refrigerator full of body parts.


Reindeer Elf Games 

We all know why this picture is cringeworthy without needing an explanation right? I don’t know what’s worse here – an elf in a scary clown mask or duct tape toilet paper.



Santa demands freshly grated marshmallows in his hot chocolate.

Umm … who in their right mind would have a mini chucky doll kicking around?


Marsh-murder …?

The snowmen fought back against their marshmallow slavery … but they lost. This seems like a lot of work just to traumatize your children.


Cocoa-addict …?

He was hooked the second he tasted his first frothy cup! Seriously though, what message is this sending your children? Don’t do drugs, but it’s perfectly okay to joke about it!


Electric Elf …?

This brings a whole new meaning to being buzzed! If there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed this has got to be awfully close to it.


Shower Spy …?

This must not be illegal in the North-Pole yet.

elf on the shelf in the shower

Brushing Elf …?

The next time you think your toothbrush tastes a little funny remember this picture. Unless elves taste like mint…


Well, that wraps up this episode of Elves Gone Wild. Tune in next week when we feature more naughty Elf pictures.

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