Children’s Flu and Cold Symptoms — Stuffy Nose Remedies That Work!

Children’s flu season is upon us again, and we know what that means — stuffy noses and sleepless nights. Parents often feel helpless when their baby has a stuffy nose but there’re several things we can do to help ease our child’s nasal congestion. Continue reading to find the best home remedies to cure your child’s stuffy nose and help them sleep better tonight.

Why Does My Child Have a Stuffy Nose?

Many things can cause nasal congestion:

  • Allergies
  • Other viruses
  • Irritating chemicals
  • Second-hand smoke
  • Dry air 
  • Mold

are just a few of the things that may cause nasal congestion. However, the most common enemy to our sinuses is the common cold or the children’s flu. If you believe something other than illness is the culprit, try removing the irritation. Otherwise, try one of the home remedies listed below.

Can I Give My Baby Congestion Medication?

In some rare cases, a Doctor may prescribe medication to a young baby but unless a doctor has given you the go-ahead, you should never give children under the age of six any cold medication. If you have concernsgo to your doctor right away. Otherwise, if your child is receiving enough fluid and rest or seems okay, one of the solutions below may help with their stuffy nose.

Home remedies for your baby's stuffy nose

Natural Home Remedies That Will Unclog Your Child’s Stuffy Nose

Bulb Syringe

When mucus builds up in the nasal cavitiesit can make it hard to breathe. Releasing the blockage from your little one’s nose can give them some relief—if only for a moment. Bulb syringes and nasal aspirators can both aid parents with this task. Its a good idea to loosen the mucus with one of the ideas below before trying to extract it.

Saline drops

Perhaps the most effective way to loosen mucus in sinuses is with saline. Look for products that contains only saline. These are TYPICALLY safe to use on young children but you should always read the directions. couple of drops in each nostril should loosen mucus enough to extract it. 

Vapor Rubs

People often use menthol to help with congestion in the sinuses and chest. Rub a small amount on the bottom of your child’s feet and cover with socks. If you have older children, you can apply the product to their chest. Read the instructions, and test a small area of the skin first to ensure your child has no adverse reactions.


Dry air will only irritate congestion, and can sometimes cause a stuffy nose. Add moisture to the air with a humidifier.  Use a cold-mist humidifier to avoid the risk of burns.


If you cannot afford a humidifier or do not have access to one. you can use the shower to achieve similar results. Run the hot water for a few minutes and then sit in the bathroom with your child on your lap. Keep an eye on their temperature because you don’t want them too get too hot or cold during this procedure.

Older children can perform this themselves by filling the sink or a pot with hot water and inhaling the steam.

Warm Cloth

Heat is a great way to loosen things up and get the snot flowing (hopefully out of the nose). A warm bath is an ideal choice but in between baths, you can use warm compresses to get congestion relief.

Heat a bowl of water and soak a washcloth for a couple of seconds. Wring the cloth out and check that it is not hot enough to burn your baby. It should be at a comfortable temperature while still being warm enough to loosen the mucus. Apply the cloth to your child’s chest.

Aroma Therapy

People have long believed that different herbs and spices could be used for healing purposes. Mint, eucalyptus, and ginger are just a handful of the scents associated with decongestion.

You can use these aromas in several ways:

  • Add a few drops of the desired scent to a diffuser
  • Boil fresh herbs in a pot of water
  • Soak a cloth in the infused water and apply it to your child’s chest

Keeping your child hydrated is vital to their overall health, but can help with their stuffy nose as well. The more fluid your child drinks, the thinner their mucus will be which will help it drain faster from their nose.


Giving your sick child a massage will both comfort them and help with their congestion. Massage the bridge of their nose to promote nasal drainage. Massage their back to help ease congestion in the lungs. Gently tapping on their back will help loosen the congestion in their chest.


Use gravity to your advantage and help your child sleep better while they have a stuffy nose by raising their mattress. Place pillows or blankets under the head of your child’s mattress.

If your baby is still in a crib, you can use a crib wedge. Just make sure the wedge does not allow them enough lift to get out of their crib.

Sleeping at this elevated angel will help drain their stuffy nose while they are sleeping.

Use These Stuffy Nose Remedies To Help Your Child and Family Sleep Better
Hopefully, you found one of the solutions above helpful and it worked for your baby. Nobody likes having a stuffy nose but children rely on us to help them because they are unable to remove the mucus themselves.
These home remedies for a stuffy nose can help us ease our child’s suffering while helping everyone get some sleep!
Good luck!


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