Why I Decided Not to Use Cloth Diapers

I wasn’t in a great place financially when my daughter was born. We were in the hospital for 43 days before she could come home. It was a nightmare financially, emotionally and mentally. Needless to say, anything that could help me save money sounded perfectly okay to me, and that was what first attracted me to the idea of cloth diapers.

However, after doing a bit of research, I decided against reusable diapers. I’m not saying they cannot work great for other people, but I ultimately decided they weren’t for me, and these were the reasons why:

   Initial Start-Up Cost of Cloth Diapers

In order to be successful with cloth diapers, you’ll need to have a rather large stash. Babies need to be changed every 2-3 hours, and sometimes more frequently when breastfed. Since you’ll probably go 2-3 days in between washings, you’ll need to have anywhere between 20-40 clean diapers in your “stash”.

Depending on what type of diaper you decided to go with, you’re looking at spending between $100-$200 dollars. I just didn’t have enough money to buy a stash of diapers, a diaper sprayer, wet bag, and other accessories that go with cloth diapers.

If you do have the money to start out, it’s not a bad investment because when washed properly and taken care of the diapers can last for years.


Doing Laundry Every Other Day

It wasn’t long before I was in my own apartment, but I had to do laundry at the laundromat. Can you imagine toting a bag full of soiled diapers to the laundromat every other day? No thank you! I would have quickly become their least favorite customer.

I could have signed up for a diaper service. They pick up your soiled diapers, wash them, and return them to you. When I realized how much that cost each month, that idea went goodbye really quickly. However, now I might have thought about it a little more

Having To Rinse Out Cloth Diapers

Let’s be honest with ourselves here; how much money would it really take before I rinsed poop of a cloth diaper up to eight times a day? Once I calculated how much it would take to start the adventure, how much I would end up spending on cheap disposable diapers, and how much I would save in the long run, I just didn’t feel like it was worth the hassle.

Every time your baby poops you have to rinse that poop off the cloth diaper. They have diaper sprayers available that attach to your toilet, and they do help, but that’s still a lot of work. I was all alone for the first year and to add that job to the list of other things I already had to do each day, it just was not worth it to me.

Bucket Of Stinky Cloth Diapers

Once the diaper is rinsed it goes into a bucket full of other soiled, wet diapers. Holy stink! There are things called wet-bags that are specifically designed for those wet diapers, or you can use a diaper pail, but still, the thought of multiple poop soaked clothes sitting in a bag in my closet kind of grossed me out.

The Hassle of Changing Cloth Diapers

I became a diaper changing GODDESS! Seriously, I could lay my baby down and with a few cartoon swishes she was dry, powdered, and on her way. Cloth diapers sounded like so much work.

I have to admit something though, I have never actually changed a cloth diaper, so I could be totally wrong. However, by the looks of things, there’s a lot to it, and I was a little intimidated.

All Things Considered

The choice to go cloth is a personal decision that each couple/parent must make themselves. I opted against it, but I admire people who do decide to use cloth diapers. Really, the reasoning behind it is noble, and made with the best of intentions. It DOES help the environment, and I’m not to proud to admit that I single-handedly contributed thousands of diapers to the worlds landfills, but the thought of fighting with a poopy cloth diaper at three in the morning just erased that thought from my mind.

Thank you parents who take the time to do the responsible thing for our environment, I’m sorry I was not strong enough to do the same!

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