The Top 3 Types of Diaper Bags for Daddies

Years ago when a couple became pregnant, it was just assumed the woman would stay home to raise the child. That family dynamic has changed drastically over the last few decades, and today it is not uncommon to find fathers staying home to raise their babies.

Most baby gear was designed with Mommies in mind, but companies everywhere are catching on and switching this up. Diaper bags are a great example of this. Men are comfortable staying home, but they probably don’t want to tote around a pink, frilly diaper bag.

There are many amazing products on the market today that work for both Mommy and Daddy. Let’s look at some of the best diaper bags that were designed with dads in mind.

Most Popular Types of Daddy Diaper Bags

Types Of Daddy Diaper Bags

Back Pack Style Diaper Bags for Dads

Dads love the convertible nature of these awesome diaper bags. They’re sleek and stylish enough to wear for any occasion while still being functional. Many of them have pockets for laptops and tablets so dads can wear them to the office or to a play date. These bags are great for posture and don’t strain your muscles like a typical diaper bag. What’s the best thing about a backpack diaper bag? It leaves the wearer hands free, which is essential for a busy parent.

Messenger Style Diaper Bags for Fathers

Messenger Style Diaper Bags For Dads

Slim, stylish, and functional, these are just a few of the words dads everywhere use to describe this type of diaper bag. It’s super easy to store and transport because of it’s slender design, but it can still fit a ton of stuff inside of its multiple pockets.

With awesome features like a detachable shoulder strap, phone charger, and storage compartments for laptops and iPads, this diaper bag is a must-have for busy fathers.

The real reason this tote has earned super start status among Fathers is because of how easy it is to grab something from inside with just one hand!

If you’re looking for a bag that’ll work for you, instead of making you work harder, this might be the diaper bag for you!


Wearable Diaper Bag Jackets and Vests

This is an idea that most Dads can get on board with. The Man-Child was forever stuffing his pockets full of baby gear instead of bringing the bag along everywhere. I can see this coming in real handy when you’re doing something outside with your baby, and don’t want to carry a diaper bag. These jackets can be found over at

I wish I had known about them when we were still in the diaper bag stage, but maybe next time?

Best Places to Find Diaper Bags for Men

There’s a site that has the coolest military themed diaper bags. They have almost every type of bag, and changing pads complete with a drop zone! Super cute manly!

Tactical Baby Gear check it out!

I also really love the stuff over at Dadgear because it’s not just manly colors, this stuff is designed with men in mind.

Dad Gear A great place to find diaper bags made just for Dads.

This company has been designing baby stuff for men for over a decade and there’s a reason they’re still in business today!

Diaper Dude all of there stuff is made with functionality in mind, it’s great!




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