50 Must Have Items on Your Diaper Bag Checklist

Being a parents not an easy job, but someone’s got to do it. Gone, are the days when we could just grab out purse/wallet and keys before running out the front door.  Now we have to be prepared for everything.

A diaper bag becomes a parents best friend, and in order to stay friends, you’ll need to keep it stocked with everything you might need. You can find an awesome check-list of things you should always keep in a diaper bag below.


1. Diapers

2. Wipes

3. Changing Pad

4. Baby Powder

5. Diaper Rash Cream

6. Diaper Trash Bags

7. Change of Clothes

8. Pacifiers

9. Hand Sanitizer

10. Sanitizer Wipes

11. Teething Toys

12. Teething Cream

13. Bottles

14. Formula

15. Teething Crackers

16. Breast Feeding Cover

17. Blanket

18. Toys

19. Bottled Water

20. Band-Aid

21. Chapstick

22. Sun Screen

23. Snacks for Adults

24. Magazine/Book

25. Pad of Paper

26. Pen or Pencil

27. Medicine

28. Nail Clippers

29. Nose Suction Bulb

30. Bib

31. Burp Cloth

32. Disposable Placemat

33. Extra Phone Charger

34. Back-up Power Source

35. Extra Money

36. A List of Phone Numbers

37. Laminated ID Card

38. Sun Hat

39. Extra Shirt for You

40. Sunglasses

41. Tissues

42. Gum

43. Nursing Pads (for leaks)

44. Vaginal Pads

45. Thermometer

46. Small Mirror

47. Baby Lotion

48. Face Wipes

49. Handi-Wipes

50. Tweezers

Basically …

Certain situations will call for different supplies and not all of the things listed above will be used – or needed – everyday. However, would you rather be over-packed and prepared when an emergency arises, or under-packed and always scrambling to find alternative solutions.

My experience …

A lot of people have poked fun at the amount of stuff I carry around with me, but I cannot explain how many times that stuff has come in handy, even if it was not used for it’s intended purpose. Times when I have forgotten my diaper bag, and I had to go buy things in a pinch, is when I realized just how important it was.

Diaper Bag Tips …

  • Things like lotions and sun cream will always find a way to ruin your day, and the inside of your diaper bag. Stop this from happening by putting this type of stuff in small Ziplock baggies.
  • Use smaller pouches (make-up bags work great too) to organize things by type.
  • When you use the rest of something put a post-it note on the strap so you’ll remember to restock it later.
  • Keep a couple of different outfits for all occasions. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a few warmer clothes packed because you never know when it might be cold in a store.

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