5 Homemade Easter Baskets to Make With Your Children

5CreativeEasterBasketIdeasAre you tired of Easter baskets being less basket and more Disney character lately? Or do you – like me – have a hard time forking over $20 for something that is only going to be used once?

If you answered yes to one, or both, of the questions above, you’re in luck because we’re going to take a look at some DIY Easter baskets that you can make right at home with your kids.

Start a new tradition …. make baskets with the kiddos to leave out on Easter Eve for the Easter Bunny to fill full of goodies.

(You can find an awesome list of things the Easter bunny might want to fill those baskets with here!)


This fun and simple Easter basket craft is sure to be a hit with the younger kids, and older kids will have a blast perfecting this design too.

You can find instructions for this cute Easter craft over at


This is a great way to recycle old soda bottles and do something fun with the kids! Besides, how cute would this look on the table with a few dyed eggs in it? If you need ideas for some super cute Easter Eggs look no further —–> click here!

Craftelf has a really simple set of instructions that you can even print out …..

How to make a soda bottle Easter Basket


How many of you have saved your kiddy’s popsicle sticks all summer long with the intention of an awesome craft? Yeah, me neither …. who does that?

Anywho …. if you don’t happen to have a junk drawer full of partially stained popsicle sticks you can buy them at your local dollar store.

You can find instructions for this craft over at the Pintrested Parent (super cute name eh?) How to make a popsicle stick Easter Basket


I doubt anyone has a whole bunch of empty milk jugs lying around but you can easily wash and save them for this craft. It’s a simple, mess-free, craft for little ones to do and it holds quite a lot when finished!

You can find instructions for the milk jug Easter basket craft here Milk jug Easter basket craft


What’s better than candy in an Easter basket? Yep, A BASKET MADE FROM CANDY! A sure hit with the kids, and really easy to make! You can typically get the boxes of candy right at the dollar store, so it is inexpensive too.

If you want to try your hand at this yummy basket you can find the instructions here How to make an Edible Easter Basket

Easter does not have to cost you an arm, leg, and ear! Especially if you use one of these five Cheap and Easy Easter Basket ideas, but for those of you who want to go traditional here are some great Easter Basket Filler Ideas.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Comment below and tell us about any Handmade Easter baskets you think should have been on here, or share photos of the Easter Crafts you and your little ones have made!

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