Should You Celebrate Easter If Your Not Religious?

Should You Celebrate Easter if You’re Not Religious?

I was rummaging through the Easter stuff at Wal-Mart the other night, muttering about how over priced everything was, when I realized something …. There was almost nothing in these isles that hinted towards the actual meaning of Easter.

They had a whole isle dedicated to cheap plastic basket fillers, and another dedicated to popular Disney characters, but very little religious options. When I began looking for anything remotely biblical all I found was a package of bible themed stamps, a couple of books, and a pack of tattoos.

They did have more religious options for decorative purposes, a few cross statues and window clings, but otherwise it was more geared towards Cars and Shopkins.

I’m not against religion, but I don’t practice any certain one on a daily basis. I do believe there is a higher power out there, but I have no idea what it is. I would say I’m a spiritual person, I talk to God and pray, I hope that my deceased loved ones have gone to heaven, my kids have a basic understanding about God, but I don’t go to church every Sunday.

All of this got me thinking; should I even be celebrating Easter? Am I helping to water-down the real meaning of this holiday for people who are more religious than me?

Easter Isle at Wal-Mart

Where Did Easter Come From? 

Growing up I was always taught that Easter was a celebration of Passover Sunday. However, many religious people would argue that this is not true and it is actually a Pagan holiday celebrating Ishtar.

I decided to do some research of my own in hopes of finding a clear-cut answer, but that proved to be more difficult than I had thought. There’s a slew of arguments and theories revolving around the origins of Easter, making it impossible to say for absolutely sure where it originated.

One thing is for sure …. Easter did grow from some form of religious celebration. Whether it was a celebration of Jesus, or a worshipping of spring, it has roots as a religious holiday.


Why Do People Celebrate Easter? 

So, I started wondering; why DO people celebrate Easter? Since the MEANING of Easter is a bit disorganized everyone must have their own view of this spring holiday. I decided to ask a handful of people why they celebrate Easter ….

Christians around the world celebrate Easter as the day Jesus was resurrected from the grave.

Pagans celebrate the rising sun in a different way and embrace the coming of spring.

Perhaps the most common answer, besides religious reasons, came from those who don’t practice any specific religion but still celebrate Easter – pressure. They feel pressured into celebrating because they worry about their children feeling left out.


Should You Celebrate Easter As A Non-Religious Holiday? 

It is easy to understand why people with no religious view would still feel pressured into celebrating the holiday. Almost every store you’d walk into this time of year will sport isles full of candy, toys, and egg decorating kits. Children are warned about a giant bunny who will bring baskets of goodies on Easter morning, but only if they’re good, and hide eggs around the house. Imagine having to explain to your child that the Easter bunny didn’t stop at your house because you don’t believe in a religion.

It is understandable for people with religious views of the holiday to feel as though the meaning behind their holiday has been cheapened and commercialized. You could understand their frustration with what Easter has become.

However, I discovered that most people are not upset by this. There are groups who think it is unfair to God, and people of faith, to celebrate the occasion without knowing what the holiday is truly about. Although, most people admit that while they may not celebrate it in a religious fashion, they do still teach their children the religion meaning behind the day.





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