Cheap and Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Young Kids

Yep, it’s that time of year again yolks (haha!).

Okeeeeeey …….  I know it’s not egg-xactly (hehe) that time of the year yet, but Easter means spring, and spring = the end of cabin fever for this Mama!

Decorating Easter eggs can be a lot of fun and the possibilities are limited only to your imagination. There are millions of super awesome decorating ideas ranging from very easy to beautifully intricate.

Since I have two young kids, and don’t particularly love the smell of egg smushed into my floor, I opt for the easier ideas. Still …. there are some pretty egg-travagant crafts that even toddlers and young kids can have one shell of a time with.


Right ….

So here are some of my favorite Easter egg ideas that are simple and inexpensive …. and that’s nothing to bawk at (seriously, I just cannot help myself).

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For Young Kids

1. How To Make Easy Glittery Easter Eggs


You will need:

Hard boiled eggs (instructions below)


Paint brushes


Containers to hold the loose glitter

An area you don’t mind getting messy, or is easy to clean-up!

The rest is pretty simple …. have the kids paint the boiled, and cooled, eggs with the glue and roll them in the container of glitter. You can mix it up with different colors or other creative ideas.

2. How To Make Spray Bottle Easter Eggs


You will need:

Small spray bottles (you can find them at the dollar store)

Food coloring, or for messier kids Kool Aid is a better alternative

Hard boiled eggs (instructions below)

Fill the spray bottle with water and coloring. Place the eggs in a shoe box to keep splatter to a minimum. Squirt the eggs with various colors and experiment with designs.

3. How To Make Tissue Paper Easter Eggs 


You will need:

Tissue paper cut in squares


Paint brush

Hard boiled eggs

Paint the eggs with glue and stick the pieces of paper to the egg. Smaller kids can also use glue sticks to stick the paper to the eggs.

4. How To Make Finger Print Easter Eggs


You will need:

Hard boiled eggs

Finger Paint

Messy play clothes

You can find tons of ways to play with decorating and finger paints. Polka dots, stripes, Ect.

5. How To Make Yarn Easter Eggs



Paint glue on the eggs and wrap with the yarn. Older kids can get more creative and make designs.


6. No Mess Sticker Easter Eggs


7. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs


There are TONS of other ideas and all off them are just as awesome!

Let us know about your neat ideas in the comments below!



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