Parenting Humor – The Truths of Having Children

Being a parent – not an easy job. The reward is almost always worth the effort, but sometimes we have to sit down with a bottle glass of wine and laugh at the days events. I’m here to help you do just that!

Here’s a collection of some of the more funny jokes, comics, and things other parents have said, that I have found along my travels through the dark side of internet parenting.

(I’ll give you a second to grab your wine ….)


This man is a genius when it comes to capturing all of the insanely funny things about parenting and displaying them in the form of the cutest duckies you will ever friggin see! He worked at Hallmark for many years and now apparently draws duck parents all day. Thank you Brian Gordon ….. Thank you, you beautiful man!


You can find more of these awesome parenting truths right here! 


Ever planned a birthday party for your children? Ah, then you will find the humor in this next one quickly! The people over at summed up every parents dream party for their children …..


This next one is one of my favorites. It might be the simple way she portrays life as a married mom, or it could be that the truth behind her cartoons can be related to by every freakin parent on earth! Whatever the reason, she has a fan here!


You can find more hilarious comics here! 


We all worry our children will inherit the worst sides of our personalities, but sometimes you have to stand back and feel a little proud because you know they’re gunna be alright!


The people over at summed that up quite well with this mums business photo!

There are times during our parenting adventures when people ask something so stupid it requires a snarky answer. That is exactly what Sherri Long, from Pinterest, captured in this next picture.


Okay Guys, Gals, and everyone in between ….. That’s it for today. I hope you got a good laugh from these awesome comics, and feel a small sence of relief knowing that you are Not Alone!

Until next time (which will be soon since there is no shortage of hilarious parenting truths on the internet!) happy parenting!



I am a Mumma Bugg! I am hard working, love my family more then anything on earth, and not a bad writer. If you want to know more, check out my blog!

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