Best Christmas Eve Traditions: Start One With Your Family This Year!

Best Christmas Eve Traditions
Things to do with your family on Christmas Eve

Everyone has their own special traditions that they pass down through the family each year. There’s nothing more special than your children doing something you did with them, with their own kids!

If you’re looking for some new family traditions, or just want to add onto your families existing ones, here are some amazing ideas, that some families already enjoy!

Christmas Eve Pajamas

Many families find this tradition both fun and useful because it quiets your kids urge to open a gift, and helps them get comfortable and relax.


Opening One Gift

Got some last-minute stuff you need to do but your kiddos are too excited to sit still? Let them open some sort of activity to keep them entertained for a little while!

Hot https://reindeercam.comhttps://reindeercam.comhttps://reindeercam.comhttps://reindeercam.comhttps://reindeercam.comChocolate and Christmas Movies

This is one of my personal favorites! I get cuddles and an excuse to watch some of my favorite childhood classics!

Bake Cookies for Santa

Sure, going to the grocery store and buying cookies is quicker, but how amazing will your children feel when they leave Santa something they baked with their own hands! Plus, you get the memories to cherish for years to come … and leftovers!

Reindeer Food

Hey, Santa gets cookies and the reindeer do half the work? That doesn’t seem fair. Why not leave a little something out for those hungry guys this year?

Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt

Write down a list of the best family ornaments you have. Now hide them in the tree among the branches, but don’t make them too hard to find. Now allow your children to look for each one. Every time they find one, take a moment to reflect on who made it and the story behind them. This is a great way to spend time reminiscing on past Christmases.

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 Christmas Light Drive

Take a drive through the town and look for the coolest Christmas lights. If you live in an area where it’s warm enough, you could walk. Some neighborhoods will have competitions with each-other and those can be really neat!

Look for Santa in The Sky

The thought of eight tiny reindeer prancing through the night air is magical no matter what age you are, and watching for them is a great way to spend the evening with your kids!

Santa Watch

But why watch blindly for someone when he could be anywhere in the world? Google has a great site dedicated to watching Santas journey around the world (you can find that here). As an added bonus they have a bunch of cool games for each day of December!


Reindeer Dust

Worried Santa won’t know where to go, or miss your house? No problem! Sprinkle a little of this stuff (oatmeal and glitter) around just before you go to bed and they’ll have no problem finding where to go!

Caroling by Candle

Yep, people still do this! You can join in this year too! If you’re not the sing-in-front-of-strangers type, you can do it at home with just your family. Your kids will have a blast signing with you, and you could even stage a little Christmas concert!


What if the grinch came, took all of your decorations, and then brought them all back, just like in the story? Imagine if your little ones woke up to a redecorated house! Who did that? The grinch, or Santa?

Open a Board Game

Make the one gift you open on Xmas Eve a new game for everyone to learn and master. There are a lot of fun games designed so that the entire family can play!

Call Santa

If you click here you can request a personalized phone call from Santa, straight from the North Pole!

Watch Santa and Reindeer Live

If you have kids, and haven’t found this site yet, you’re in for a treat! Check it out, seriously, my kids adore it and squeal with delight every time Santa makes his appearances!

There are several thousand other neat traditions that families share each year together. What are some of your families favorites? We would love to hear all about them, please share in the comments below!

Happy Holidays Mommies Daddies and Kids!



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