5 Unique Christmas Decoration Crafts to Make With Your Kids

5 unique Christmas decoration crafts to make with your kids

Christmas is unlike other holidays, because instead of one day, you get an entire month to celebrate and enjoy it! When people begin putting up their decorations, and playing Christmas music, even the biggest grinches among us feel a bit of holiday cheer.

As a child, some of my fondest memories were of Christmas decorations. Driving around looking at the lights adorning the neighbors houses, and watching the lights dance across the snow, it was almost as magical as the thought of Santa flying through the air. What would Christmas be without decorations? Not the same ….

Get your children involved with the decorating this year with these awesomely easy holiday craft ideas. They will love seeing their hard work on display, and have a blast making them.

1. Paper Snowflake Craft

Snowflakes can make beautiful decorations.

The coolest thing about this Holiday craft idea is it’s simplicity. Literally, all you need is paper and scissors. Experiment with different types and colors of paper, fold in various ways, and try cutting different patterns. You can get creative with paint, glue and glitter. Hang on the wall, or your Christmas tree!

2. Plastic Bottle Christmas Garland

Awesome recycling craft!

I love this idea because we always have plastic bottles laying around our home. With a bit of paint and creativity, you can make a super cool recycled craft for Christmas. Cut the bottle into spirals, and paint, it’s that easy! This would look pretty neat on a Christmas tree, or you could make a tree from these …. see all the possibilities?

3. Playdough Ornaments

A cool no-bake spin on ornament making!

Okay, you’re probably not going to make vegetables, but you get where this is going. Playdough comes in an assortment of beautiful colors, so making decorations for Christmas is really limited to your own imagination! Once you’ve sculpted your craft, allow it to dry for a couple of days. It should harden and then you can place it where ever you want! Make a base to stand it on a shelve, or punch a hole in the top and hang from a string.

4. Paper Christmas Tree Craft


There are numerous ways to make this idea, but they all look great. Use something hard for the inside of the tree to act as a trunk. Then glue the loops of paper to the trunk of the tree. Once you’ve finished, you can add glitter, stickers, or beads to decorate it.

5. Mason Jar Christmas Vase

Easy and stunning!

Use painters tape to outline the stripes. Paint the red first, then remove the tape and paint the white stripes. The results are amazing and kids will love showing off their handiwork! Ps. Makes a beautiful gift as well ….





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