5 Rumors About Cold and Flu Season and Heres The Truth!

Tis‘ the season, and I’m not just talking about the fat guy sliding down chimneys. We know this time of year better as “cold and flu season.” Unfortunately, rumors are spread more than the germs we’re talking about. Myths about both of these illnesses can be heard whispered among mothers everywhere.

So let’s look at which wives tales are worth listening to, and which ones you should ignore…..

Rumor #1

You know …. The flu shot actually gives you the flu!

How many times have you heard this one? Then you skip the flu shot; because – why would you want to get something that was going to make you sick?

Unfortunately, this is one rumor that’s a giant lie! Can you get a low-grade fever, or feel some minor aches and pains after having the shot? Yes, both of those are side effects. Although, not getting the shot could lead to contracting the flu, which would make you feel much worse.

But wait ….. Is the flu shot made with the flu virus?

Yes, it is true that the flu vaccine is made with proteins from the flu virus, and might be made with dead viruses; but the keyword there is dead! You will never have to take days of work, or spend a day in bed because of the flu shot!

keep calm and get your flu shot
Or don’t but at least now you know the truth!

Rumor #2

You’re only contagious while you’re sick!

Actually …. you may be spreading your germs to people before you even know you’re sick. Even after you’ve started feeling better, and you think it’s safe to return to work, you might still be contagious. So the next time a co-worker comes back to work after having the flu, and says they feel better, stay away! They could still be contagious for up to a week after they’ve returned!

If only all germs were this cute!

Rumor #3

I don’t need medical attention! The flu won’t kill you!

Technically, it’s not the flu that kills you. What makes this illness so dangerous is its side effects. Mainly, the fact that people can develop respiratory issues such as phenomena. An older adult is much more likely to develop dangerous side effects. Especially, those who already have immune deficiencies.

Rumor #4

You have to get close to someone to catch it: so stay away from me!

Wrong again! We’ve all told someone to “stay away” when we heard them sneeze or cough because we don’t want to be their germs next victim. They stay five feet away from us all day, and we think we’re safe. Then we end up sick anyway, but why?

When an infected person talks, sneezes, or coughs they release little droplets of moisture into the air. Those tiny droplets of water can travel up to six feet, and go right up our nose when we breathe. The rest is history. Mucus-filled history!

If those germs land on a door handle, or another surface we are bound to touch, we can become infected that way as well.

Still … maybe they shouldn’t stand so close …

Rumor #5

Put on a coat or you will get sick! / Going out with wet hair will cause you to get sick!

This is one of the oldest rumors out there, and we all heard it when we were younger at least once. It’s absolutely not true! You cannot get a viral infection from being out in the cold, you would have to be exposed to the virus in some way.

Put a coat on Kermy, your going to catch a cold!




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