9 Weird Things Every Mother Has in Her Purse (but might not admit)


My purse, which should probably be referred to as a suitcase, is forever being scrutinized by others. My boyfriend often stands by and watches as I try to lift, and swing up onto my shoulder, fifty pounds of everything. My co-workers are constantly getting a chuckle when odd things fall out into the open; that’s not mine? However, they all stop laughing when I come to the rescue with things pulled from the depths of my Barney-Bag of a purse.

It got me wondering, am I the only one who likes to be prepared? I couldn’t possibly be the only mom in the world with a purse that they could make into a survivor series, could I?

Like; 28 Days in the Wild with Nothing but a Mom’s Purse!

So I did a bit of digging; what does the average mother have in her bag? This is what I found! Ladies and Gentlemen here are …….

“The Weirdest Things That All Moms Have in Their Purse!”

Especially me!

1. Old/Rotten Food

Who among us has not found food in her purse at least once in their lifetime? I dare you to stand and show yourself! Yeah, that’s what I thought! You never know when you might need a snack to quiet a screaming child, or placate your stomach until supper. The problem isn’t having food in your purse; that’s pretty common; it’s forgetting about said food!

What’s worse, you always find it when you least expect it. You need a pen, no big deal; you just dig into your bag, and BAM! Squishy rotten banana hand! Or melted chocolate fingers!

Hungry anyone?

2. Broken Crayons

Okay, you know you might end up sitting in a waiting room with your children who become bored easily, what do you do? You grab a notebook and some crayons, problem solved! Unfortunetly, your children never use those crayons again.

Ps. They will destroy the lining of your purse! Seriously, it will never look good again!

BRoken crayons still bring color to whatever they touch
Yeah, like the lining of my purse!

3. Unwrapped Candy

Children and candy are basically synonymous. You cannot have one without the other being close by. So you have candy in your purse? No big deal, right? WRONG! I don’t know how it happens, but candy will always unwrap itself in the bottom of your purse! Leaving you with a million wrappers that always get in the way when you’re looking for something important. “Hey gum ….. nope empty wrapper!”

This leads to melted chocolate fingers!

Brush off the dirt, it’s still good right?

4. Random Small Toys – Mostly from Happy Meals!

I don’t understand how our purses become our children’s personal toy boxes, but they do! I am forever finding small useless toys that have been plunked in there, and never seen again. Hey Disney …. I have a great idea for the next toy story! Or maybe a small cartoon series; we could call it, “The Lost Toys!”

Happy Meal Toys have invaded my purse!

5. Legos (If you have boys)

If you have boys (and sometimes girls too) you absolutely do have legos in your purse. Your nodding right now aren’t you? It’s totally true, those things are like sand, they get everywhere!

Lego Disorder Colors Build Up Chaos Toys
At least if you need something you don’t have, you can build it!

6. Half Naked Barbies (If you have girls)

Not only girls, some boys have dolls too, but us parents always seem to get stuck with the naked ones. Then we look like giant freaks when someone sees that we have an unclothed doll in our bag!

It’s our kids, really!

7. Tissues …. Used

Almost every woman has tissues in their purse, but only a Mother will have a used Kleenex hanging out in her bag! Most of us will never admit this, but we would use it again; only in a pinch!

It SNOT weird!

8. Pain Relievers

I haven’t known a Mother yet who didn’t have something for aches and pains in her purse. I don’t think we, or our children, would survive if we didn’t have it with us at all times!

I could run a small pharmacy out of my purse!

9. Clothing

I don’t know if I could count on my hands how many times I have been at work and some type of clothing has fallen from my purse. I have socks, underwear, and other various pieces of clothing. Each one has come in handy at some point!

Although, I normally don’t have bigger changes of clothing in my purse (that’s another bag I carry everywhere with us) I always have a spare set of socks and gloves!


I imagine the mothers of the world reading this and nodding like a bobble head doll.

It’s so true, she is so right, wow I do have that in my purse!

It’s really simple, having children means having to become more prepared. You have to be ready for every situation that presents itself, and when children are involved some awfully odd situations rear their heads!





I am a Mumma Bugg! I am hard working, love my family more then anything on earth, and not a bad writer. If you want to know more, check out my blog!

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