12 Reasons You Should Read to Your Children Today!

My fondness for reading was instilled in me by my Father. He was a very hardworking man who often fell asleep, because of exhaustion, instead of reading during the evening. Nonetheless, he pushed us children to read.

He bought me books for my birthdays, and talked with me about the things I was reading. It was my desire to be closer to him that pushed me towards the things he enjoyed reading, and guess what, I liked them too.

There were many things I was unsure about when I became pregnant, but I knew from the start that I was going to read to my baby. I would sit on my bed reading to my naked stomach, imagining that she was in their curled up, and listening to the story.

There’ve been many studies done that gauge the positives of reading to your children. The results of which suggest that parents should begin reading to their kids from a very early age.

There are numerous reasons why parents should read with their children, and this is why ….

Kids who are read to learn how to read more quickly, and children old enough to read on their own, get better.

Practice is what helps a person to get better at anything they do, so it makes perfect sense that reading to a child would help them practice their own reading skills.

Reading to your children will help them increase their concentration skills.

Reading is typically done in a setting that allows kids to sit quietly and focus on the story being told to them. They pay attention to the pictures, and how the story relates to them. This helps them learn and strengthen their concentration skills.

Reading helps children widen their vocabulary.

Books are filled with all sorts of different words, and some of them are hard to pronounce. When a kid comes across a word they do not yet understand they will typically ask, “what does that mean?” This helps them discover new words and expand their vocabulary, and it helps me some parents too!

Reading to your child may actually keep them safe.

When children are exposed to the same words regularly, they will memorize them. Knowing words such as “stop” or “danger” may actually help them stay safe.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go! Dr. Suess quote.
Dr. Suess was famous for writing over 40 books that children and parents still enjoy together today.

It increases, and promotes, a child’s imagination.

Reading allows children to think through the story in their head. Sometimes they will make up short movies in their minds that go along with the story they’re being read. This promotes the use of their imagination.

It increases their imagination.

Reading not only pushes a child to use their imagination, but it broadens the scope of it as well. Books are filled with stories and adventures that children can take away after, and implement into their imaginary play.

Reading exercises your brain.

Unlike watching T.V, you have to use your brain in several different ways when reading.

Reading increases your intelligence.

Regardless of what’s being read, you’re learning from it. Studies have shown that reading at a young age will increase intelligence, and can help children with learning disabilities to catch up to their peers.

Reading can teach children about things they may not have learned otherwise.

There are hundreds of thousands of books available, on every single topic you could ever dream of. When you read, you pick up tid-bits of information that you may not even realize you know until it becomes relevant to another situation.

It helps children relax and calm down.

Typically, reading is not done while running through the house. Most people sit in a relaxing area when they read, or are being read to. Reading to your child before bed can help them calm down and fall asleep more quickly.

It strengthens a parent/child bond.

Whether you’re snuggling in a chair, or laying in bed, reading together is a great way to bond with your child. Especially if you do more than just read. Talk about the story afterwards, ask your child what they thought of certain things that happened, and have them help you read the story.

And will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed! 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed! Dr. Suess quote.
Another wonderful saying from Dr. Suess!

Children who are successful readers early in life, will be more prosperous later in life.

According to the Matthew Effect of Reading, early success in reading will lead to success later in life. It also states that children who are not great readers will have a harder time later in life.

*Grabs an armful of books*

Well, that’s my cue to go read to my children! If for none of the reasons above, you should do it because it is amazing to watch your child’s face light up when they realize they know one of the words.

Plus, I fully intend to have them reading to me someday in the near future. Maybe I will teach one of them how to give foot rubs, while the other one reads.

Erm … just kidding?





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