10 Reasons Why Family is Important

Well, with a name that encompassed the entire family, it only felt appropriate for the first post to be about family.

What is family?

Family, are the people you love most in the world, and who love you back unconditionally. Sometimes they’re the people who’re closely related to you, even though there are times those people do not feel, or act, like family. Other times they’re just close friends, who you have a family-like bond with.

Your family may not be the ones you would’ve chosen, but they’re the only one you have, and they are important (crucial) to your life.

Why is Family so Important?

1. Safety and Comfort

Having someone like Hulk Hogan for a Father would be nice (nobody would mess with you), but it’s not the physical size of your family members that provides you with feelings of security, it’s knowing they are behind you through every step of life.

Imagine if you were born, and then abandoned in the world. You would have to fend for yourself in every way, and would have no one there to teach you how to navigate through life. It would be much different, huh?

Family provides that comfort that we all crave. People who we can be ourselves around, without worrying about if they are going to run away or leave us. No matter where you are in life; family will always mean home.

2. Teaching Morals and Values

There’s no better way to learn about morals and values then to watch a family together. Almost as if instinctually, people respect and cherish their loved ones. As children grow in homes rich with values, they learn to be better people.

Children who do not have rich family lives might find themselves lost in the world. They typically do not understand the social respect that is taught in a family environment. When you have children, it’s important to instill morals and values into everyday life. These are the cores of who they will grow-up to be later in life.

3. Emotional Health

Being in a close-knit family can help people develop healthier ways to express their emotions. When you grow up in a family that loves and understands you, you will usually have an open line of communication with them. You won’t feel the need to lie and sneak around, because you know you can talk to your family about anything.

Family support is the first step in being able to successfully discover yourself. Your loved ones can help you feel more secure because they love you regardless of anything. That support will allow you the comfort of experimenting with different personas without being judged, and that gives you the freedom to discover yourself.

4. They Understand You

Yeah, because they used to be you!

I know all the Teens are rolling their eyes like “my family never understands me.” We used to think the same thing; nevertheless, your right to an extent, sometimes we don’t know what is going on in our children’s brains. However, family are the only ones who really take the time to try to discover what’s going on, and understand (or try to).

5. Protection

Yes, this is similar to safety, but different in some ways as well. Besides giving you a place to feel safe and secure, family will go out of their way to protect one another. It’s not uncommon for a family to rally around someone who is being threatened somehow.

Family will protect their young ferociously. If something ever tried to hurt their children, they would suffer the wrath of the entire family.

Beyond that, you can rest assured that your family will protect you from yourself. If they suspect that you’re making a bad decision, they’ll typically be the first ones to tell you.

6. We Learn from Them

You’re more likely to learn a life lesson from a family member, then a friend or someone who is not related to you.

For example: we might see a homeless man who has lost everything because he is an alcoholic, but that alone would not deter you from drinking. However, if you were to have an uncle whose struggle with alcoholism has cost him dearly, you would be less likely to follow in his footsteps.

Obviously, this is not always the case, but when something happens to our family, we are more likely to take notice, and learn from it.

7. They Help us Make Better Decisions

Having a family can help you make better choices in a couple of different ways. One way they help us is by giving their input. You may go to them for advice because you feel secure knowing they will be honest, instead of just telling you what you want to hear.

Another way family helps is by making you responsible for your choices. What you do in life directly affects your family in many ways. Parents must make good choices to ensure the well-being of their children. Children must make good choices because they don’t want to disappoint their parents.

Having family forces you to take responsibility because your actions don’t effect just you, they affect your entire family as well.

8. They Help us Raise our Kids

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

We’ve all heard that saying before, but many of us don’t understand how true it really is until we’ve had children of our own.

Family helps us to raise our children in several different ways. They might watch our kids when we need a break. They might baby-sit for us when we go to work, and save us a fortune in child care. New mothers might depend on help from family to keep them from becoming overwhelmed.

In most cases, we raise our children with the same virtues as we were raised. We mirror our parents in our individual parenting style. They teach us how to have a family of our own. Even people who vow to never be like their parents are still using their past family experience to develop their own future parenting style.

9. Keeping Us Healthy

It’s important for you to know your family history and any diseases, conditions, and disorders that have presented themselves in your family. Knowing about the risk of these to your own health can help you rearrange your life, and possibly prevent them before they become a threat.

10. You Always Have a Home

No matter what you do in life, you always have a place to return to. No matter what bad decisions you’ve made, family will normally forgive you. Wherever you roam, you’ll always have a home.

Children can venture away from home comfortably, because they know they have people who love them unconditionally. Young kids can explore their world with confidence, because they know they have family who won’t let anything happen to them.

It’s important to have friends, but friends are not always forever. Family typically is, and even when they fight, they will normally make up. You can go years without seeing your family, and then pick up right where you left off.

It’s important to understand how vital family is in your life so you can show them how irreplaceable they are each and everyday.




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