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What Are Weighted Blankets and How Could They Help Your Child Today

My step-son has a lot of behavioral issues, so I like to stay on top of the different trends and advice for kids with ADHD and Autism. The other day …


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How YOU Could Save Hundreds on Groceries

Save Money on Your Grocery Bill Are you spending way to much on food for your family? Do you want to learn how to save money? Learn how to budget …


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How can I Motivate my child to do better or his her best

Things You Should be Doing if You Want To Help Your Child Do Well in School

My child chooses video games over his homework and chores. How can I motivate my child to do better in school and life? We have all asked this question, and now you can learn the answer. Read on to find out how you can start motivating your child today.


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Can my parents tell me what to do when I'm 18?

Can My Parents Tell Me What to do After I Turn 18?

Eighteen is the age that most states begin to recognize a child as an adult. Before that, parents have a legal responsibility to take care of their children, both finically …


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5 Homemade Easter Baskets to Make With Your Children

Super cute Easter basket crafts that you and your kids are sure to love, especially number five!


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I'm Pregnant What Do I Do Now? 13 Things You Should Be Doing During Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

I’m Pregnate Now What? 13 Things You Should Be Doing During Your First Trimester

Have you recently discovered you’re pregnant and are worried about what to do next? Stop stressing and follow this guide as it walks you through the thirteen most important things to do during your first trimester of pregnancy.